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The size of the Lodge, together with our various facilities and accommodation options makes our farm a beautiful and versatile venue for down-to-earth country weddings and wellness retreats and workshops. 


Beautiful, relaxed, intimate country weddings in our forest campsite are a favourite offering for guests who have enjoyed being here in the past! We love hosting these special weekends and it is always a joy to add our magical Wild Spirit touch to the occasion.  

A variety of catering options, decor, sound equipment, lights and a conscious bespoke Bar are available upon request. 


Depending on the size of the group and length of the event, these are hosted either in the historic Yoga Barn or in the Log Cabin, with many gorgeous options for working outdoors if the weather is lovely.

We offer a variety of in-house catering options upon request.  The venue fee is variable depending on the event, but is generally an exchange based on 20% of the event income.  


Our annual AfrikaGrow Festival happens every year from the 28th December to the 2nd of January. This magical event is a 5-day wellness and live music festival for those of you seeking a conscious, alternative New Year’s celebration. This intimate down to earth gathering is so popular that our limited tickets sell out fast.

Greenpop’s Eden Festival of Action is a multi-week tree-planting, education and sustainability festival. It is jam-packed with activities, delicious vegan food and inspiring talks and workshops.

Visit their website to find out more (

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