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Some useful info:

*We have a 2-night minimum-stay policy

*Reception is open from 8am-8pm

*For urgent inquiries (like for a booking tonight), please call reception on +27828288008

Are you pet friendly?

Unfortunately, we have a strict no-pets policy for which we cannot make any exception (not even for your super cute pooch). We are a home to plenty of wildlife and pets of our own (including a horse) who don’t do well with visiting pets of any kind. 

Do you have WiFi?

We do have WiFi! It’s free and you are welcome to use it for the basics (no big downloads please). However, as we are in the middle of the forest, our WiFi tends to have good days and bad days ;) If you intend to do work online during your visit, kindly bring your own internet supply to avoid frustration. 

Do you offer meals?

Yes! We offer delicious home-cooked dinners and buffet style breakfasts (no lunches). You can sign up for these meals and add them to your accommodation tab. 

*Dinners are served around 7pm and cost R100-R120. 

-Dinner needs to be signed up for by 4pm each day to make sure we can cater or you. 

Do you have self-catering facilities?

Yes, we have a self-catering kitchen that you are welcome to use for your own cooking. Please note that this is a ‘clean-up-after-yourself’ space and we kindly ask that you leave the space how you would wish to find it. 

Do you have braai facilities? 

We have 2 large communal fire pits near our campsite self-catering kitchen which you are most welcome to make a fire in and braai at. We do not supply braai equipment.

Can I come stay with my camper van?

You are most welcome. We charge the same price per person camping as we do per person staying in a tent or a van. 

*Note- all driving in our campsite must be with utmost care for our horse and the rest of our animals.

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